A downloadable project

Tutorial - Godot Platformer

Many thanks to 0x72,  cool asset here :
0x72 asset

The project is an160x104 pixels project, pixel art style.

The tilemap is a 8x8 tiles

It is the tutorials series of the summer camp of the Tetalab of Toulouse in summer 2018. 
We've got 5 archives.
The first : a simple scene with two objects, one KinematicBody2D and a staticBody2D duplicate on the scene. You got a gscript to move the player without any animations.
The second is the same with the players animations .
The third : an Area2D is add : its a block of lava with movement in a script gsdscript.
the fourth : its here if you want the tilemap.
the last is two scene with an intro and the principal scene with a simple loop as the music.

You have the 1st and 2nd tuto in video here :


Install instructions

Unzip the archive you want and import it directly with Godot Engine 3.


platformer-godot-part1.zip 14 kB
platformer-godot-part2.zip 45 kB
platformer-godot-part3.zip 41 kB
platformer-godot-part4.zip 52 kB
platformer-godot-part5.zip 475 kB


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nice,any plan to make more tuto?


I dont know. I'll try to make a new one.